Ironbark Firewood Central Coast

In this video we show some images of the firewood products that we will be supplying to the Gosford and Wyong areas of the Central Coast NSW this coming winter.

Our premium product is our Western Ironbark and Box – sourced from western NSW. This is slow growing, hard, heavy and dense firewood product. It is split and guaranteed dry. This product has been drying at our yard for 2 years now.

Our mid-range product is our Western Hardwood Mix – again sourced from western NSW. Still slow growing dense timbers, comprising of stringybark, bloodwood, tallow wood and some box species. To keep the price of the product down and to differentiate from our competitors we also mix some smaller to medium pieces of hardwood sawmill off-cuts – to give what I call – the perfect blend. A great mix of easy starting and long burning firewood.

Our base level product is our Local Hardwood Mix – this timber comes from our local tree lopping and tree removal operations here on the Central Coast and is supplied by T&G – Tree and Garden Services. Again, only quality wood species are selected for this product. These include local ironbark, grey gum, bloodwood, bluegum, blackbutt, red gum and stringybark.

If you have any questions regarding an order please contact us through our website or call me: Will, on 0402418017.