How to get your fire started in your slow combustion wood heater – without the smoke!

Here are a few key points:

  1. Make sure you use dry and seasoned firewood (12 months seasoned is recommended)
  2. Start with a clean fire box;
  3. Make sure the air vent is in the open position;
  4. Get some easily combustible material such as dry leaves and small twigs, rolled newspaper or a fire lighters, and place in your firebox;
  5. Stack your kindling around the fire starter material in a criss crossed, building block pattern, with a mix of small and medium pieces, this allows maximum airflow to the flame, which produces more heat and less smoke, (see image below);
  6. Ignite the fire with long matches or a gas lighter;
  7. Leave door of firebox slightly ajar for maximum airflow until kindling is alight;
  8. Once fully alight and coals have formed, (10-15 mins) progressively add larger pieces as required and ensure the firebox door is closed;
  9. Be sure to maintain airspaces between wood and coals where possible; this ensures wood burns properly
  10. Be mindful of sparks or hot embers when opening the firebox and where safety glasses or keep your face out of direct line of open fireplace (keep children clear too);
  11. Once the fire is really going and the wood has been alight for around 15-20 minutes you can then “turn down” the fire. Close the air vent and allow the slow combustion heater to do its thing;
  12. Sit back and enjoy 🙂

Criss cross your kindling for best results.

Maximum airflow, maximum flame, minimum smoke.