Basic Leaf Mulch

We have the best wood chip and leaf mulch Central Coast NSW. If you are in Gosford or Wyong Shires.

Whats in int?

Our basic leaf mulch is arborists wood chip, a by-product of our tree trimming and tree removal services. It is a mixture of all tree species found on the Central Coast NSW, except undesirable species. We do not keep diseased, toxic or weed species at our yard.

A good mulch should have 50% Carbon and 50% Nitrogen content, this gives your gardens all the benefits with no draw down in nitrogen as the mulch breaks down and decomposes. Leaf mulch is the perfect blend as much of it has 50% Carbon (which is the brown or ‘wood’ content) and 50% Nitrogen (which is the green or ‘leaf’ content).


  1. Use as a mulch to retain moisture in garden beds.
  2. Provides organic matter for “worm food” which improves soil structure.
  3. Puts carbon and nitrogen (plant food) back into the soil.
  4. Reduces your carbon footprint by putting back into the earth, what has been taken out.
  5. Decorative wood chip to liven up the look of a tired garden.


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