Firewood Delivered to Gosford & Wyong

Why Buy Firewood from The Green Yard?

1.Our wood comes from approved sources.

All our premium firewood comes from licenced forestry companies that are approved by the state government to carry out tree harvesting. The firewood is predominantly a secondary product, where defective logs from the sawmill are repurposed. The same goes with our local hardwood, which is sourced from tree removal operations approved by Gosford and Wyong Councils. You can be assured our firewood is derived from legitimate sources and best environmental practices.

2. Our firewood is seasoned.

Our firewood is guaranteed low moisture content and is tested using an electronic moisture resistance meter. Our premium Western Ironbark and Australian hardwoods have a typical moisture content of  between 12-18%, while our local hardwoods range from 16-18% moisture content. A moisture content below 20% is ideal for efficient combustion of firewood, see the Firewood Association of Australia website for more information. Burning our firewood your are assured low ash and minimum smoke provided you are operating your heater efficiently.

3. Our firewood is safe.

We do not select old railway sleepers or other poisonous tree species as the source for our products. Railway sleepers are contaminated by oil, grease, herbicides and even asbestos fibres from brake linings that were used in trains up into the mid 1980’s. These can produce fumes that can be toxic and the smoke a nuisance to your neighbours.

4.We offer a guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with our product we offer a no questions asked refund, provided that 95% of the product is available for us to pick up or return.

How is the wood delivered?

Our wood is delivered in bulk bags pictured below. The bulk bags are hand loaded to minimise any dirt that you may get in your order. The bags are covered with tarps to keep your wood dry. Using this method gives a consistent and clean product to the end user. The bags are delivered to you home and tipped off at the safest location that our small tipper can access, usually your driveway or front yard.

Bulka_Firewood_Central Coast


What if I don’t want bulk bags?

This is fine as well, if ordering three or more bags we can hand load the product straight into our truck and deliver it “loose”.

How much wood does a bulk bag hold?

The bags are 1 cubic meter in volume. The amount of firewood in a bag is equivalent to a cubic meter load that you may get from other suppliers. Our bags will fill a 6ft x 4ft  box trailer for comparison, which, depending on exact dimensions is often 1 cubic meter. The bags of ironbark can weigh over 500kgs, while the local hardwood is a little less.


Can I bring my car, ute or trailer to pick up?

Yes, we can accommodate all vehicle sizes from small to large. We also offer boot loads, ute loads and all trailer sizes, our friendly staff will be happy to personalise your order based on your vehicle requirements. Pick Up is available Fridays 8am-4pm and during winter we will be open Saturday 8-2

How do I order my firewood?

To ensure your order is received in the best possible time, please order online by clicking this link HERE. For other enquiries please visit our contact page by following this link to Contact Us. To speak with our sales representative please call Will on: 0402418017.